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[narb.app] - New narb.app Update! Updated 10 months ago
Author: .queen

New features

/whatis With this new command, you can query words and phrases that you'd like to find information on. Ever wanted to know what a lane freeze is? Or what cs stands for? This command is for you to learn; beginner, intermediate and advanced techniques or phrases! If you wish to quickly look something up in the middle of a conversation, you may use the optional parameter my-eyes-only: True to stop you from embarrassing yourself.

The right page didn't show up? Perhaps there are grammatical mistakes? Feel free to provide feedback on this new feature on what it could improve on. You may also provide feedback on resources to create. I would like to help everyone and provide questions for everything to help introduce new players to MOBAs and Predecessor while also providing resources for veterans.

Verified users

New features are available for a small group of trusted users. Verified players will be able to verify three other friends of theirs. Once you've been verified, you may recieve a notification on some of the new commands available to you:

Available commands to verified users: /verify You can pass on this verification to 3 other friends of your choice. BE AWARE: You cannot take away verification that you have given. So choose wisely.

/comment You can now leave comments on player's profiles. Tell them how well they've played or just insert some unfunny joke.

/claim You can now claim a Predecessor player ID. You're restricted to 1 player ID and you can switch it anytime. Once you've claimed an ID, you may bring up your corresponding Predecessor account in ANY narb.app player query by using your Discord @

Remember that you cannot claim an ID that is already claimed. If someone is sitting on your ID, let a bot developer know and they'll sort it out for you.

/resource "resource" refers to the information pages fetched from using /whatis You can now view all available resources at once as well as create new ones. The newly created ones will have to be approved first before they are available to anyone else, as well as editing a previously approved resource will require approval after submiting the edit.

Helping in the creation of resources will be heavily appreciated. Chat GPT usage is recommended :PepeBusiness:

Duplicate resources with similar topics will not be approved.


  • Changed /profile stats look slightly to accommodate for verified users. Also removed unnecessary spacing on the bottom.
  • Removed footer on /profile stats when viewing a singular hero. ## :hammer: Bug fixes
  • Fixed rank emojis not displaying on match stats
  • Fixed sorting by match on /player heroes [player:] [order:match]
  • Now it correctly displays Magical Lifesteal as a percentage
  • Updated Estimated potential gold efficiency for patch v0.7.2
  • Fixed progress bar to correctly display a 0%
  • Added missing % sign in /player stats when viewing singular hero stats to compact the view.

What to expect next?

/memory save [match-id] [title] [description] /memory show You'll be able to save matches and give them titles and descriptions. This way you'll never lose that 27/0 Kallari stomp game that you're so proud of. You can also save your friends' games! This will also be available in Context Menu form.

/explore-patch [version] [compare-version] [query] You'll be able to compare Hero, Item and general changes with patches. You want to know what Murdock's stats were at the beginning of the game as compared to now? This command will highlight the changes. You'll also be able to specify the current patch by using 'current' in the [version] parameter.

You don't have to compare two versions. [compare-version] and [query] will be optional so you can simply learn about changes on a certain patch.

/compare multiple-players [players] [stat] [recent-performance] [hero] You'll be able to compare multiple players and rank them based on a stat. The stats you'll be able to compare the players on are: * MMR * Average KDA * Matches played You can only select 1 of those stats

You'll also be able to optionally specify hero and/or recent recent performance. Recent performance will only look at their last 10 games. Any player name that was not able to be found will not be included in the result; as well as if recent performance is enabled, anyone who did not have at least 10 games will also not be shown.

/remind-me [options:("Comp Night", "Ranked")] As my understanding is, Ranked mode will have similar availability as Comp Night has; so with this command, you can toggle on/off notifications from the bot in your DMs for when Comp Night and Ranked Mode will be online. You'll get a notifcation 15 minutes before it goes live to ensure you have time to prepare for it.

/role You'll be able to choose your main role. This would expand functionality in some future commands.

/lobby My idea for this is still not finalized; but it would be used for friends to setup custom lobbies to play on. Server owners may schedule a custom lobby where server members will be able to show interest. The lobby will also have functionality to randomize teams. Additionally, the server owner would also be able to choose to enable role-locked lobby, which will allocate players based on their chosen /role and what they play. This way, everyone will be able to see what players are still needed for the lobby.